We invest in and partner with startups improving the Built World. As you’d expect, we have a deep expertise in the construction and services industry, but our team also specializes in business development, advanced engineering, service design and more. Our vantage point within Ferguson fuels our ability to navigate the organization to identify challenges and position startup partners to solve them. Combine that with our focus on helping turn good startups into great ones, and that’s a recipe for success.
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Our focus

Ferguson Ventures is focused on finding partners who can help meet the needs of our customers, enabling them to succeed in today’s ever evolving marketplace and be better prepared for tomorrow’s. We support endeavors that align with our investment themes:

  • Connected ecosystems

    Connect trade professionals with end-customers, supplying products, services and solutions to build and maintain America’s infrastructure. This includes:

    • Building information modeling and virtual design
    • Smart home, smart building, smart cities
    • Contractor software and business tools
  • Emerging business models

    Identify trends inside and outside the industry, create or enhance business models that deliver new services, revenue streams and customer experiences

  • Enabling technology

    Exploring emerging technologies to enhance customer and associate experiences, such as:

    • Augmented / virtual reality
    • Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Innovation through service design

    Our focus is our customers. We begin any process by understanding their needs and partner with our business units to visualize the challenges and opportunities. We approach projects using Service Design, a combination of Design Thinking & Lean Startup techniques. This helps us generate solutions with our subject matter experts and rapidly validate their desirability, feasibility and viability by testing prototype ideas in their true context.

How we partner with the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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We invest in and partner with startups with unique capabilities that can drive transformation within the construction and services industry. Beyond direct equity investment, Ferguson Ventures provides thought leadership and a dedicated portfolio development team to help design and execute a pilot and go-to-market strategy with our portfolio companies. This enables startups to refine their product market fit through direct customer engagement and scale their business using a proven channel-to-market.

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Venture Capital & Corporate VC Firms

Ferguson Ventures partners with leading venture capital firms by providing industry expertise and strategic investment in current and future portfolio companies. Ferguson is interested in collaborating on deal flow, co-investment and commercial partnership opportunities.

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Universities with entrepreneurship and innovation programs partner with us to help foster entrepreneurial thinking and support student innovators. Ferguson’s involvement ranges from program sponsorship, innovation challenges, career opportunities and internships for students eager to solve real world challenges. Discover our Innovation Lab.

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Incubators and Accelerators

Ferguson Ventures partners with select incubators and accelerators that are providing capital, programs and places to enable the growth of entrepreneurs. As a partner, Ferguson can offer your founders with industry experts as mentors, real-world industry challenges and access to customer insights through pilots. These engagements can lead to capital investment and commercial partnerships.

Let’s grow and change the industry together

As a strategic investor, Ferguson Ventures provides valuable expertise, capital and access to Ferguson’s network. Whether you are just starting out or ready to scale, we’d like to be part of your journey. Contact Us