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We’re working to improve the Built World, and so are the organizations we invest in. Explore our portfolio companies and see what we’re doing as partners to help them succeed while innovating solutions to better serve our customers. Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities.

Creating water-efficient communities.

Ferguson is committed to helping our customers design and build water-efficient communities. Greyter provides water recycling solutions for residential and commercial buildings that reduce indoor water consumption. The Greyter HOME is an NSF-350 certified system that captures water from showers and bathtubs and treats it to a near-potable quality to meet a home’s toilet-flushing demands, thus keeping communities from having to use drinking water to flush toilets. With increasing stresses on the water supply, home builders and municipalities are working together to reduce water consumption within the home.

Empowering HVAC technicians.

Bluon is a revolutionary mobile app that makes HVAC technicians in the field more productive, efficient, and capable. The support platform and mobile app offers tools, training, and 24/7 tech support to technicians in the field. The mobile app platform aggregates detailed technical information on more than 45k unique HVAC equipment models, providing the information techs need to efficiently service and repair equipment.

Achieving high-performing, sustainable homes.

Pearl Certification is a property owner certification program that provides a roadmap for creating high-performing homes. The use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products improves operational performance, creates comfortable and healthy spaces, and ultimately increases the value of the property. Pearl’s Green Door Platform provides owners with their performance score, offers asset tracking and maintenance schedules, and recommends improvements in a personalized Home Investment Plan. This plan guides renovation and replacement product selections and connects the homeowner to Pearl Certified contractors. Ferguson Ventures is excited to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Automating the design process for builders.

Ferguson is committed to increasing productivity drivers for our homebuilder customers. Builders can leverage the efficiencies of automation in the architecture, sales, and construction process to create better homes and communities. Higharc is a software platform for builders to manage and configure plans, automate the material takeoff process, and get permit-ready construction documents.

Empowering the construction industry with a fundamentally new design process.

Augmenta is driving a new level of efficiency for the construction industry by automating building design. Using the Augmenta Construction Platform, contractors and engineers can create error-free, constructible, code-compliant designs that are optimized according to client requirements and created in hours instead of weeks, dramatically reducing the time, cost, waste, and uncertainty of construction projects. Augmenta Electrical is the first module in Augmenta Construction Platform. It automates design of electrical raceway systems for engineers and subcontractors, enabling them to create precise estimates and fully detailed, constructible, and code-compliant raceways designs in hours.

Field Service Management software to help a contractor grow their business.

Payzerware software helps contractors save time, streamline operations, and reduce costs. The tool helps contractors manage calls, schedule jobs, dispatch technicians, prepare sales proposals, and more. Ferguson Ventures is committed to partnering with leading software companies that are helping our customers grow their business.

Modern software for pipe spool design and fabrication.

PypeServer software lets CAD designers import pipe designs and spools directly into the PypeServer database. As updates and design changes occur, PypeServer automatically links them to the production part so current design is always the one that’s cut. Detailers use PypeServer to prepare and finalize jobs for production, including scheduling and prioritizing jobs, adding information to parts, and specifying printable labels.

Transact directly from the BIM model.

GTP’s STRATUS software is a cloud-based BIM solution designed to assist mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades professionals (MEP) develop workflow solutions for the construction of their jobs. BIM is not a single product, piece of technology or software. Instead, it is a business process supported by technology; it is a way to build things in collaboration with all parties involved, allowing a much more efficient construction process. The software simplifies planning and tracking workflows for the trade contractor, replacing disconnected spreadsheets and paper processes. It also allows the contractor to transact directly with Ferguson.

Vertically integrated housing developer.

Blokable’s unique process and products significantly reduce the cost and time required to create and operate new multifamily housing. Building at lower cost, higher quality and in less time helps to create real estate equity.

Plant Prefab
Design and build custom, high quality, sustainable homes.

Plant Prefab uses sustainable construction processes and materials to build prefabricated custom single- and multifamily houses. They partner with renowned architects to make great design more accessible and offer 3D builder tools to allow homeowners to design their own dream home. As the industry seeks to gain efficiencies in the construction process, offsite building manufacturing methods are creating a valuable path forward.

Home services on demand.

In today’s marketplace, consumers want their products immediately, and they want them installed by a professional. HOMEE is an Uber-type business for home services that uses a GPS-based mobile platform to instantly link homeowners and property managers with qualified heating and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical service providers. Consumers can download an app and have a licensed contractor at their door fast. Ferguson Ventures is focused on finding new ways to provide quality job demand to our customer base.

Monitor HVAC equipment remotely.

ConnectM provides insights and control to the operation of mechanical equipment via their Remote Performance Management (RPM) platform. Property owners can gain the insights necessary to turn capital expenditures into operational expenses by understanding which pieces of equipment are close to catastrophic failure. Property owners can then prioritize equipment needing service over a designated period of time. Service providers with access to ConnectM’s platform gain visibility of the problem before a truck rolls, saving time and money for everyone involved. Ferguson Ventures is focused on using sensors to identify service and repair needs within a property, and connect quality job demand to our trade pro customers.

Simplifying fire safety with their Ting solution.

Ting is a plug-in device that identifies unique signals in the wiring of a home generated by tiny electrical arcs. The data is analyzed using artificial intelligence & machine learning before proactively notifying homeowners through an app. If a fire hazard is detected, the Ting app and fire safety team will help homeowners mitigate and get a contractor to the site to solve the problem. Ferguson Ventures is focused on using sensors and predictive analytics to identify service and repair needs within the property.

Brick & Mortar Ventures
Disrupt the way we design, construct and maintain the built world.

Ferguson Ventures is a limited partner in the Venture Capital firm Brick & Mortar Ventures. Founded in 2019, Brick & Mortar Ventures is focused on emerging companies developing innovative software and hardware solutions for the industries of architecture, engineering, construction, and facilities management. Being an investor in the fund and partner enables us to identify and engage with promising construction technology startups.

Location, Location, Innovation.

Ferguson Ventures is a limited partner in the Venture Capital firm MetaProp NYC. MetaProp was founded in 2015, is focused on Real Estate and Property technology startups, and has invested in over 115 companies. This partnership brings valuable insights and engagement with PropTech startups.

Burnt Island Ventures
Innovation for a changing climate.

Ferguson Ventures is a limited partner in the venture capital firm Burnt Island Ventures. Burnt Island Ventures was established in 2020 to become the world’s best early stage fund for the water sector. They have invested in twelve companies across industry verticals, from consumer efficiency and trenchless excavation to utility software and next-generation membranes. The partnership provides Ferguson access to Burnt Island Ventures’ universe of water tech startups globally.