We invest in and partner with startups improving the Built World.

Consider Ferguson Ventures a startup’s guide into Ferguson to identify strategic fit and champion a mutual approach to solve a business challenge or meet a customer need. We invest in great founders and teams who have traction. Our strategy is to invest alongside top VCs and CVCs in Series A and later rounds. While we tend to follow, we will lead rounds if the fit is right. Supporting successful portfolio founders through follow-on investing is important to us as a long-term partner in their journey.

Ferguson is known for having deep industry relationships and expertise. This competitive advantage enables Ferguson Ventures to help startups dial in their product by crowdsourcing feedback and accessing a channel to market to test live with customers. If you have traction and are now ready to scale, that’s our sweet spot. Pitch us here.

Ferguson Ventures investment benefits

We offer more value than just investment capital to startups who are working to improve the future for our shared customers. Our portfolio companies benefit from key elements of our business’s infrastructure:

  • Industry knowledge
    Our customers trust the Ferguson brand. We serve as thought leaders for professionals in the Built World.
  • Distribution
    Our network of strategically-located distribution centers across the country that allows us to expedite product delivery.
  • Sales and store network
    Relationships matter. Our national network of sales associates and store locations allows us to deploy a new product to our customers with maximum efficiency.
  • Data
    From product images, specs, pricing and more; we have the data to enable a better user experience in your software and access the product our mutual customers need to do the job.
  • Vendor and customer relationships
    New products have the opportunity to scale because of our established relationships with our customers and vendors alike.

Get to know the Ferguson Ventures team to see how our dynamic backgrounds and industry expertise make us a strategic venture capital partner to go to market with, and contact us to apply for funding.