James Field Service Design Lead of ferguson ventures

James Field

Service Design Lead

“Design professionals are uniquely equipped to explore the origins of an opportunity, collaborate across functions to frame the potential value of better serving customers, then visualizing a preferred future that aligns stakeholders around the challenge of making concepts a reality.”

James joined Ferguson Ventures in 2019 after working with some of the world’s biggest consumer brands in design offices located in the UK, Germany and China. His focus is bringing human-centered design methodologies to support the growth and development of innovative organizations. In leading service design, James plays a key role in onboarding projects by developing a clear understanding of the problem space through empathizing with customers and the associates serving them. Leading collaborative activities helps teams build clarity of vision and purpose to continuing to adapt and pursue the evolving opportunity as the solution emerges and develops. James is also interested in experimenting with new methods, particularly the use of futures thinking to help lead disruption and not be surprised by it.